About Us

About Company

We deal in handcrafted articles made of metal, wood, fabric, stone, etc. or a combination of any of these. Our focus is in developing a wide range of utilitarian products primarily with various combinations of wrought iron. The speciality of our products is the awe-inspiring aesthetic design beaming with radiating elegance. We strive to provide the best products with top quality services to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our clients. Our goal is to give life to our creativity and present a perfect blend of eternal art and tradition to complement the contemporary requirements.

About Team

Vinay Pokharna

Vinay is an MBA graduate from Mumbai and has a marketing background. He has a vast experience in managing both the operational and financial ends of a business. He has travelled extensively around the world and over time developed the ability to accurately translate the client’s requirements into their desired product. His intuitive understanding and overall experience in the field gives us a deep insight in the product development and the psyche of our clients. He wields this experience to navigate through the day to day issues and plays a significant role in the creation of all our products.

Jaya Chhajer

Jaya is a professionally qualified CA and Managaement graduate from Mumbai She has a knack for creativity and a globetrotter which can make her instinctively spot new trends. Her ability to understand the contemporary requirements and her zeal to create a trend of her own makes her the driving force behind the conception and design of our products.